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Blind time | Dating |

Ricci on Roger

Just what were you dreaming about?

An individual who could maybe lead on to the second date or at the minimum, a new mate.

Initially impressions?

Handsome, well dressed and rather chat aveuety.

Just what did you discuss?

Definitely every thing. It actually was strange – there is loads of similarities.

Any uncomfortable moments?

We did bump into one of his true friends – their lover’s face had been a picture.

Good dining table manners?


Ideal thing about Roger?

Their talk is first rate.

Would you present him to everyone?


Describe him in three terms

Charismatic, handsome, friendly.

Exactly what do you think the guy made from you?

Well he got leading marks for understanding my personal Scottish feature. I am sure he believed I was a bit of a motormouth.

Did you carry on somewhere?

Yes, we decided to go to
Milroy’s while the Vault
in Soho.

And… did you hug?

I really don’t hug and inform.

Any time you could transform the one thing towards evening, what might it is?

Absolutely nothing truly.

Marks of 10?


Are you willing to fulfill again?

It could be foolish to not.

Roger on Ricci

Just what were you longing for?

A good surprise, a beneficial talk.

Very first thoughts?

Handsome and some anxious.

Just what did you explore?

Songs, art and flicks, PR, Björk and cats.

Any uncomfortable moments?

We bumped into my friend about street and I also mentioned, «We are on a blind time.»

Good table ways?

Yes, he was very courteous, but the guy poured themselves some drink before flowing mine.

Best thing about Ricci?

He smiles a large amount.

Are you willing to introduce him to friends and family?


Describe him in three terms

Grateful, positive, wise.

Precisely what do you might think he manufactured from you?

I am not sure… I think we had a very good time.

Do you go on somewhere?

We moved for a cocktail, which was fantastic;
Lindsay Lohan
was actually indeed there.

And… do you hug?

Simply a fast goodbye hug.

Should you could alter one

most important factor of the night, what would it be?

Their shirt.

Marks regarding 10?


Would you meet once again?

Yes, we’re going to, but just as pals.

Ricci and Roger ate at
, London W1.

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